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San Diego County contains a complex network of highways and freeways that truckers use day and night to travel between Los Angeles and south of the border in Tijuana. Trucks are especially prevalent on the roads and highways surrounding San Diego, one of Southern California’s busiest port cities and a major Foreign Trade Zone that shares 15 miles of its border with Mexico.

With so many big rig deliveries coming to and from the city each day, truck accidents unfortunately can and will happen frequently in the area, from North County to the Mexican border. Auto accidents certainly can be dangerous, but truck accidents typically can lead to severe or even fatal injuries. That’s because an 18-wheeler can weigh as much as 30 times larger than a typical passenger vehicle. When a collision occurs with an average 5,000 pound car or 300-pound motorcycle – or a pedestrian or cyclist along the side of the street – it’s no wonder that a truck crash can result in catastrophic injuries.

How a San Diego trucking accident attorney can help

At the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba, we understand how truck accidents happen and the steps necessary to obtain clients the compensation they deserve after an accident. In a matter of seconds, you or a loved one may sustain serious injuries that dramatically change the rest of your life – physically, emotionally and financially. Knowing what to do after a San Diego truck crash can be extremely difficult. Your recovery may be complicated by red tape related to the trucking companies and their insurance companies trying to minimize your compensation. That’s why we’re here. Contact us today.

What are common types of truck accidents in San Diego?

Truck accident claims generally are more complicated than claims involving two passenger vehicles. Typically, a car accident results in a claim being filed against the driver who caused the accident. In truck accidents, the claim typically is filed against the trucking company. Victims and families who lost loved ones in trucking accidents often see better results by retaining a seasoned San Diego trucking accident lawyer who can stand up to big corporations and insurance companies. Attorney Ronald B. Laba is well-versed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations that may affect your claim.

The following are some of the serious types of truck accidents that can occur in San Diego County:

  • JACKKNIFE TRUCK ACCIDENTS – When a truck’s trailer swings outward during an accident due to a mechanical failure (such as a brake failure) or driver negligence.
  • HIGHWAY TRUCK ACCIDENTS – Accidents on major highways such as Interstate 8 or Route 125 will typically have more severe consequences than accidents on smaller roads.
  • UNDERRIDE ACCIDENTS – When a smaller vehicle hits the rear end of a truck and gets stuck underneath. Underride accidents may be caused by driver negligence or brake failure.
  • TRUCK ROLLOVERS – Vehicles with a higher center of gravity are especially prone to rollover accidents. Simply taking a curve too fast could lead to a potentially fatal accident.
  • HEAD-ON CRASHES – Head on collisions represent a number of fatal car and truck accidentsour firm handles. When two vehicles collide that are heading toward each other, the consequences are typically disastrous. 

According to recent statistics by the County of San Diego, Health & Human Services Agency, there were eight deaths in truck collisions in 2010 and 228 injuries stemming from truck collisions in San Diego County that year.

What should I do after a San Diego truck crash?

Injury victims have enough to deal with after an accident with an 18-wheeler. Your recovery is a difficult enough process. Getting justice should be easy. That’s why we recommend you call us today after your trucking accident in San Diego. We can handle the details of your claim, so you can focus on getting better and taking care of your family.

Attorney Laba offers a one-hour free case consultation to all potential clients. If you choose to hire a SAN DIEGO ACCIDENT ATTORNEY with our firm, you don’t have to pay us any fees unless we win your case. That’s because we work on a contingency basis. There’s no pressure. There’s no obligation. Contact us today at 866-434-1577.


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