Fatal Car & Truck Accidents

Fatal Car & Truck Accident Lawyer in San Diego – A Skilled and Aggressive Attorney on the Side of Families in California

Like any major city in America, San Diego has it fair share or fatal car and truck accidents. According to statistics, there were 76 fatal car and truck accidents in San Diego in 2014. A large population, a large number of highways and freeways and a fair amount of traffic make San Diego a city which experiences not just a high amount of car and truck accidents, but severe ones.

Regardless of how common fatal car and truck accidents may be, it is a always an incredibly difficult experience for family members of those who are involved in any way. It can frequently take family members an understandable amount of time to prepare for the next steps after a fatal car or truck accident, but once they are ready, getting in touch with a San Diego fatal car and truck accident attorney is the best thing to do.

At the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba, we understand how difficult having a family member or loved one involved in a fatal car or truck accident can be. We have experience handling these kinds of cases and handling them in the right way, working closely and properly with victims' loved ones throughout the process. We are dedicated to getting those family and loved ones the best representation possible and work tirelessly to get them the compensation they deserve in these cases.

Can a San Diego Fatal Car and Truck Accident Attorney Help?

Yes. Ronald Laba and his team of legal experts can carefully review your case and guide you in the right direction of how to move forward legally. There may be a number of outside influences such as insurance companies trying to interview you, but our team will help you focus and guide you through the process of working insurance companies who may try to push you into a settlement that is much smaller than you are entitled to.

Our team can also help you sort through the details of the accident which may be hard to digest and properly inform you of why certain kinds of fatal car and truck accidents might be in line for more compensation than others. Some of the many factors which could play into the eventual damages owed to the victims loved ones could include who caused the accident, whether the other driver was negligent and whether the driver was intoxicated. Our team will take a look at these factors and see how they work out in your case.

Who is entitled to compensation in San Diego Fatal Car and Truck Accidents?

Figuring out exactly who may be able to receive compensation from a fatal car or truck accident can be a very complicated process. Ronald Laba and his team have extensive experience working on these kind of cases, so we have the expertise to determine exactly who may or may not be able to pursue compensation.

To get you started, here are the family members who may be entitled to compensation, depending on circumstances:

Spouse: We fully understand the difficulties spouses of those lost in fatal car and truck accidents face. Spouses may be able to recover losses related to mental pain and suffering as well as other potential damages.

Children: Children are put in an especially challenging position after a parent is the victim in a fatal car or truck accident. Children of those who are lost in fatal car and truck accidents may be entitled to recover compensation for loss of their parent's companionship and care, instruction and guidance along with many other potential damages.

Parent: Losing a child in a fatal car or truck accident is a terrible experience for any parent. Should a child be the victim of a fatal car or truck accident, the child's mother, father or guardian may be entitled to recover for mental pain and suffering along with a number of other damages.

Other family members may also be entitled to potential compensation for damages. Determining compensation for other family members can be a staggeringly complex matter so if you are in that situation, it is wise to contact an attorney such as Ronald Laba, who has experience working with these kinds of cases.

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