Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are incredibly common in San Diego and are almost always painful experiences for the individuals who suffer them. The causes of these accidents and the severity of the injuries victims suffer vary case to case, but one thing is almost always constant in regards to them and that is victims should always consult with a slip and fall attorney after they suffer their accident.

The causes of slip and fall accidents are endless and the most-important detail victims of them, and slip and fall accident attorneys must consider, is if the accident was due to negligence by any business, organization, or employer. The amount of potential negligence created by these institutions and individuals plays an integral role in determining if a victim of one of these accidents is due compensation and how much compensation they might be due.

An experienced and skilled slip and fall attorney will be able to review case and determine where negligence took place and explain in a court of law how it played a role in the suffering of the victim. Negligence can range from something like water leakage and poor maintenance by a custodial staff at a grocery store or retail store which leads to a slip and serious injuries, or security measures being ignored at a construction site on public property which leads to a fall and injury for a victim. There are countless forms of negligence which can lead to slip and fall accidents and all of them can lead to fair compensation for victims.

The range of the kinds of injuries suffered in slip and fall accidents is incredibly wide. Injuries can include a broken bone or cut, a serious head injury or even a psychological injury with long-term effects. The severity of the injury suffered will determine how much compensation a victim may be entitled to and it will be on the victim and/or their attorney to convey to the court what the injuries suffered were and how severe they were. One excellent way to prove injury and demonstrate severity is to document any and all medical treatment and bills which occurred as the result of the injury.

A slip and fall accident attorney will review the damages inflicted in the case and determine how much compensation to pursue in court. Some of the injuries most-common in cases of these nature include:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Damages to internal organs and internal bleeding
  • Cut, gashes and puncture wounds
  • Head trauma
  • Dislocations of bones
  • Injuries to joints and tears

There are a number of ways to prove fault and negligence and a quality slip and fall accident attorney will pursue every avenue available to do this. One method commonly used is to call upon the help of an investigator who can look into the circumstances of the accident, research potential issues and negligence which may have played a part and put together information which can help a victim’s case.

Another source of evidence available are eye witnesses. A slip and fall accident attorney will reach out to anyone who may have seen your accident in-person who can testify in court to what happened and demonstrate how negligence played a factor. Doctors and medical professionals can also be called in as witnesses to testify to the injuries suffered by the victim, explain their severity, and elaborate on what could have caused them.

The increase in the number of video cameras in the world also provides a potentially valuable piece of evidence. Video tape evidence of a victim’s accident can go a very long ways in court of showing negligence and helping the victim and their attorney prove who was at fault. A slip and fall accident attorney will examine any video evidence available and see how it could play a role in a victim’s case.

Lastly, physical evidence is a factor any slip and fall accident attorney will review and possibly use in a case. Evidence such as materials and samples taken from a construction site or damaged shoes from a victim can be reviewed to see if they provide evidence which works in favor of the victim.

A slip and fall accident attorney can also help with the complicated process of working with and negotiating with insurance companies. An attorney can handle any and all communication with an insurance company and will only collect fees in relation to this depending on the outcome of the case after the case has been resolved. An attorney handling these tasks, especially if the victim does not have insurance, can play a crucial role in helping the victim heal and protect them from being taken advantage of by insurance companies.

The market for slip and fall attorneys in San Diego is very crowded and clouded. It is important slip and fall accident victims do their research and choose an attorney who specialize in these kinds of cases and have a proven track record of getting victims the compensation they need and deserve. Many attorneys may have experience with a wide variety of cases, but not necessarily slip and fall accidents, and many attorneys may have experience with slip and fall accidents but lack a history of success with them.

If you have suffered a slip and fall accident in San Diego, California, Ronald B. Laba is a local attorney with a track record of success in these kinds of cases who can help you get the compensation you deserve. Laba has worked with these kinds of cases for more than 30 years and knows the various aspects of the field which need to be addressed in every case. He offers free consultations and can guide you through the difficult process of beginning your case.

Please contact The Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba today at 844-439-8969 to get your free consultation started. We look forward to providing you with the expertise and effort needed to win your case and can’t wait to get started.


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