How Do Truck Accidents Happen in San Diego? The Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba Has Your Answers


Dealing with a trucking company after a serious accident can be difficult. The company may be hard to find and may be located out of California. If you do track down the company, you will likely be up against aggressive attorneys for the company and its insurance carrier, ready to dispute your claim. In the moments after an accident, the trucking company and insurance carrier typically will send investigators to the scene and begin building a defense to minimize any liability. Oftentimes, companies are quick to deny any wrongdoing. They might even blame you for the accident – even when you’ve done nothing wrong. But when these big companies stand to lose huge profits and even face shutdowns as a result of their negligence, they often do whatever it takes to avoid accepting blame.

The reality is trucking companies are often responsible for serious, potentially life threatening accidents. Trucking company negligence can take many different forms, including:

  • Failure to properly train drivers
  • Failure to conduct background check on drivers
  • Failure to renew or review driver qualifications
  • Poorly maintaining vehicles
  • Falsifying Hours-of-Service logs
  • Falsifying driver records

Establishing truck company negligence after a crash is harder than many people realize. That’s because truck companies will go to great lengths to disprove their own negligence. They will deny wrongdoing. They will hide – or even destroy – evidence that may link their own negligence to your accident. When you’re dealing with the physical, emotional and financial fallout of a serious truck crash, you want justice. You want compensation. You don’t want to play games!

A San Diego truck accident attorney at the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba is ready to help. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of compensation on your behalf. With the help of experts we hire to help support your claim, we can examine and preserve critical evidence. This evidence may include driver background, history of accidents, driver logs, cell phone records, fleet maintenance records and hiring/training/supervising practices of the company. Discover how a San Diego truck accident lawyer can help. Contact us today at 866-434-1577 for a free case evaluation.


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