Common Car & Truck Accident Injuries

Common Car & Truck Accident Injuries – Personal Injury Attorney Ronald B. Laba Can Help

U.S. auto accident fatalities number over 30,000 annually, hundreds of them occurring in San Diego alone. Car and truck injuries in San Diego, Vista, Carlsbad, and other local municipalities number in the thousands every single year. The effects of car and truck accidents on families are often devastating, and the recovery process can take years or even a lifetime.

At the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba, we understand what you are going through when you or your loved one is severely injured or killed in an auto crash. The losses sustained affect every area of your life. Impossibly high medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma will suddenly overwhelm you—if you are left to bear the burden alone.

San Diego car and truck accident attorney Ron Laba has the skills it takes to recover full compensation for all losses you have suffered due to the negligence of others. We will fight to get you the maximum claim amount instead of the minimum settlements so often offered by uncooperative insurance companies.

What are the most common car accident injuries in San Diego?

Every car accident has its specifics, and there are numerous types of accidents as well. The resulting injuries are no less diverse.

Sometimes, the injury is immediately apparent: a bone is fractured, there is facial disfigurement, or partial or complete paralysis follows from spinal cord damage. Other times, the injury is "hidden" for weeks on end, as with whiplash and certain types of brain injuries. This highlights how crucial it is to get a post-accident medical exam regardless of whether you believe yourself to have been injured.

Some of the most common kinds of car injuries that occur in the San Diego area are:

  • Head trauma: If, following the accident, you experience severe headaches, vision impairment, memory loss, and disorientation, you may have sustained a concussion or traumatic brain injury. SUV roll-overs are especially prone to produce this kind of injury.
  • Nerve damage: If you have lost mobility in your arms and legs (or elsewhere) or have had it diminished, you likely suffered nervous system damage. It may be a pinched nerve or damaged peripheral or radial nerves.
  • Spinal cord problems: A car or truck accident may leave a victim paraplegic or quadriplegic after the spinal cord has been compressed, dislocated, or fractured.
  • Neck/back injury: Whiplash may begin weeks after an accident and gradually increase in severity. It can cause shots of pain in your neck, back, and legs. It can also lead to weakened muscles and a "tingling" sensation in your limbs.

Contact an aggressive car accident injury attorney today

Sometimes, victims feel reluctant to contact a lawyer, hoping that the at-fault party and his insurance company will voluntarily offer a fair settlement. This seldom happens. Other times, accident victims think they can win in court or negotiate with insurers without access to an expert car and truck accident lawyer. This is highly unlikely, given the complexity of the law and the lack of leverage that lack of a lawyer signals.

At the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba, we know how to apply the law and win you the settlement you deserve. Contact us today at 844-439-8969 for a free, hour-long case consultation or stop by our San Diego or Vista law office to speak to us in person. When necessary, we make hospital calls or meet you in another location to maximize your convenience. We present to you your options, then let you make an informed decision.


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