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It can happen in an instant. You're driving in San Diego, and all of a sudden you're in a car accident. From one moment to the next your life can change dramatically, whether you're seriously injured, someone else is injured, or you lose a loved one. A car, truck, or motorcycle accident almost always comes along with damages and injury. Sometimes, those injuries can add up to physical, financial, and emotional damages that many people find overwhelming. If you're unsure of what to do after a San Diego car crash, know that attorney Ronald B. Laba is familiar with just how devastating these accidents can be, and has a proven track record of fighting for you and your loved ones to help get your life back on track. Call 866-434-1577 and ask the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba for a free consultation today.

Representation After a Vehicle Accident in San Diego is Vital

San Diego highways, freeways, and streets are congested and often dangerous. The data supports this, as well. In 2010 alone the County of San Diego's Health and Human Services Agency reported that 12,635 injuries and 189 deaths occurred due to collisions in San Diego County. Whether you ride a bike, drive a car, walk on the city streets, or ride in a vehicle with someone else, your safety is not guaranteed, and when accidents happen you need representation.

Perhaps you were on La Jolla Drive and a car hit you from behind. Maybe a fatigued trucker sidelined your car on the Orange Line, or you were side-swiped on Pacific Highway. No matter where in San Diego County your accident occurred or how it happened, you deserve justice, and you can start today. Attorney Laba is able and willing to assist with everything from the most common types of car accidents to the most challenging cases. With 30 years of experience behind him he's a tough negotiator who won't back down and is determined to get the most favorable and just outcomes for his clients. He was even voted as one of the top San Diego attorneys. So if you or a loved one are dealing with serious injuries, or you need to file a wrongful death lawsuit due to the loss of a loved one in a San Diego car accident, the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba can help you and will stand firmly by your side.

Aggressive and Skillful Defense Can Help San Diego Accident Victims Recover Their Losses

After you've been in a car crash, you're probably going to have lots of questions. Attorney Laba can help you navigate the legal waters and help you find the answers you need and deserve. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about car accidents, and start getting the answers you need. Whether you're dealing with the insurance companies, handling paperwork, trying to prove fault, obtaining medical records, or holding responsible the negligent driver who caused your injury, our firm will stop at nothing to ensure you get the compensation and justice you deserve. We handle a variety of cases in Southern California including Motorcycle, Bus, Truck, and Trolley accidents.

We're not just here to move you through the legal system. Instead, we have a mission to get to know our clients personally. That way, we can truly understand your specific situation, and how the accident you've been involved in will affect your life. Automobile accidents are common, but every single case is different, and the implications each accident will have on the lives of the victims varies greatly. That's why the personal touch is so important to us. We see you as more than just a case number; we see you as the unique person you are, so when we go to fight for you in court, it's personal.

What Steps Should You Take After an Auto Accident in San Diego?

If you've been in an automobile accident in San Diego, there are likely many things running through your head. Where should you go? What should you do? Who should you call? Should you handle insurance issues by yourself or call someone to help you? What about lost wages if you can't work? All of these questions are common, but when they're on top of the stress involved in being injured or having lost a loved one, the emotional damage can sometimes be worse than the physical or financial damage.

In addition to all that, auto accidents commonly result in bills, property damage, high medical costs, lost wages, and other important losses that drain your resources - both physically, financially, and emotionally. If you try to deal with insurance companies by yourself, you'll likely run into a lot of trouble. After all, insurance companies are businesses, and their main goal is to make a profit, regardless of what you're going through - even when the accident was no fault of your own. That's just not acceptable.

All of these questions and feelings might seem overwhelming, but they really boil down to one question: What do I do next?

What you absolutely shouldn't do is to let anyone pressure you into accepting a settlement that isn't in your best interest, or force you to take less money than you're owed after an accident. That's why your next step should be to call the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba. We're willing and able to take on your case and fight for you so you can get the compensation you deserve and move on with your life.

Call the law offices of Attorney Laba today for a free case consultation. Even if you can't make it to the office, a personal injury attorney in San Diego that works with us will make home or hospital calls, or even come to your office. Whatever you need, we're here for you. Make sure your next step is to call 866-434-1577 today.


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