San Diego Attorney Ronald B. Laba’s 5 Point Client Service Guarantee

At the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba, clients always come first. Here is my 5 Point Service Guarantee:

  1. I or one of my staff will personally meet with you within 2 hours of your phone call. To me, serving my clients is the absolute highest priority. I certainly like my calls to be handled promptly. My clients deserve nothing less!
  2. All clients can schedule any number of appointments to discuss their case. I am here to help you solve your problems and get you all of the help you need. Sometimes injured clients just need to talk to someone. I consider this part of my job and part of my duty as an attorney and counselor. You are more than just another file. You are important to me!
  3. You will always be treated like one of the family, with courtesy and kindness. Clients in my office are special guests. I am here to serve their needs. Not the other way around. I want you to stop by and see me long after your case is finished!
  4. Copies of all paperwork will be sent to you (if you so desire) in order to keep you informed as to what exactly is going on with your case. This is a matter of preference. If you want copies I will send them. However, some clients don’t want to be bothered with legal papers. Worrying about your case is my job. Your job is to heal any physical or emotional injuries caused by the accident. I’ll handle the rest for you.
  5. Your family and friends always get top priority in scheduling appointments for their own legal problems. I want to help those people who are close to you too! If it isn’t the type of case that my firm handles, (such as wills, divorce, real estate, etc.) I will find you an expert attorney whom you can work with.

Don’t let big insurance companies threaten you into accepting less compensation than you deserve for your accident. We offer a free case consultation. If you can’t make it to our Vista or San Diego office, we’ll make hospital calls or we’ll meet you at your home or your office. Whatever works best for you is what works best for us. There is no obligation, and no one will pressure you. Call us today at 866-434-1577.


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